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I'm looking for more Fans?

2013-10-17 08:34:24 by Tailsspin456

Just asking but I'm looking for more fans if it is possible?Please Fan me if you can!
Thanks to ExcaliburScourge for being my first ever Fan! I really appreciate it!

I'm looking for more Fans? Check out this FUNNY flipnote on youtube! Its based on Sonic Paradox's Sonic Short "The Emo".

Check out this FUNNY Sonic flipnote :The Emo

Welcome to my user page!

2013-10-14 11:53:12 by Tailsspin456

Hey there Tailsspin456 here and welcome to my user page!Keep checking here for Daily Updates and more stuff

Welcome to my user page!

So theirs been 2 Sonic musicals by Sonic Paradox.That is seaside Denied and Metropolis Mayhem!But at the end of Metropolis Mayhem there is a scene of Team Sonic and Team Rose in Casino night? Could this mean a 3rd?Well have to find out...PS.I'd like it to be Casino Chaos

Seaside Denied,Metropolis Mayhem and Casino Chaos?